Andy Murrays Hip Rehabilitation and an Exercise for Hip Health

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Andy Murrays Hip

Murray made a remarkable comeback at Wimbledon after years of Hip Pain. He is gradually increasing his exposure to the intensity of Tennis and it will be interesting to see how he manages the next stages of his comeback.

We will discuss what he has had done, and give you a great exercise that helps Hip Joint Health and Longevity and Performance.

Hip Pain and Tennis

Due to the high volume, high intensity of a modern day Tennis players schedule, injury rates have risen and most players will rarely be competing feeling 100%. This heavy demand took its toll on Andy Murrays hip. By all accounts he has had Hip Pain for around ten years, with it slowly progressing to a stage where he could no longer carry on. 

It has been reported that over the years his Hip had developed Severe Arthritis. This is a painful condition that effects the joint. Symptoms include 

  • Pain in the groin, thigh or outside of hip

  • Stiffness, usually eased with movement

  • Catching or Locking

Do these symptoms mean I need Surgery?

I think it is important to stress, that Rehabilitation should always be the first port of call with Arthritic Conditions. Increasing joint movement, joint control and muscle strength can all lead to a patient returning to their desired activities pain free without the need for surgery. And this is the route Andy Murray tried first. However, unfortunately sometimes further intervention is needed. 

Hip Resurfacing Surgery

This technique is not a Joint replacement, but involves the Surgeon shaving and then covering both the ball and the socket with a metal cap. 


Rehabilitation following Hip Resurfacing will take between 6-12 months. A lot of the work is done prior to the Surgery. It is critical that you follow a protocol by a Health professional (Physio, Sports Therapist etc..) who understands the nature of the injury and how to progressively take you all the way back to sport. 

 Like all Surgery Rehabilitation- The surgery is just the start. You must be prepared to invest a lot of time into your Rehabilitation to make it a success. 

 An Exercise for Hip Health and Longevity

Prevention is always better than a cure (or management in hip arthritis cases). This simple drill can be added to a warm up, or done separately in the gym or at home. It takes a matter of minutes. 

CARS are a technique we discovered whilst on the Functional Range Conditioning Course we recently attended. FRC is used in most major sports organisations in USA to help develop and maintain joint health in Athletes. It is also a fantastic technique for all individuals no matter what your age or activity levels are. 


CAR VIDEO to follow this week.