common conditions we see

Our aim is to discover the root cause of your pain or injury and build your Resilience.

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Resilience (Noun):

1) ‘The ability to quickly recover from difficulties (pain or injury)’

2) ‘To be able to withstand difficult situations (eg. training, everyday life activities).

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back pain

Lower back or mid back pain can have a number of different causes. We see individuals with wide ranges of symptoms, from those barely able to walk due to pain, to those with re occurring tightness, and everyone in between.

Some common causes of back pain include:

  • Sacro Illiac Joint dysfunction

  • Facet Joint

  • Disc related pain

  • Musclular pain

  • Arthritis

Manual Therapy techniques, mobility and strengthening exercises are all used in the rehab plan to help make you feel better and move better.

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Hip and groin pain

Hip and groin pain is one of the most common areas of pain that we see in Clinic.

This is a complex area with many structures giving similar symptoms. A full detailed assessment is needed to work out whether the pain is coming from the hip joint, the muscles, the abdominals or is referred from the lower back.

We are fully trained to identify and treat this pain. We also have good links with Orthopaedic Surgeons in Manchester if we require further testing or interventions.

We have written a blog post on Andy Murrays hip which can be read below


knee pain

There are a number of different conditions we commonly see which affect the knee.

  • Meniscus

  • Articular Cartilage

  • Ligament

  • Patella-femoral

  • Runners knee

  • Patella/Quad Tendinopathies

  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation

We assess, diagnoses and treat your knee pain to restore full pain free function. We also have a fully equipped Rehab Gym so are able to strengthen and build Resilience into your knee.


foot and ankle pain

Common injuries we see in Clinic include

  • Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Calf Strain

  • Metatarsal injuries

We have written a few detailed blogs on these injuries. Click below to read.

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shoulder pain

The majority of shoulder complaints should be treated with Physio/Sports Therapy before injections or surgery.

Common injuries to the shoulder include

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries

  • Bicep Tendonitis

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • SLAP

  • Shoulder Arthritis

We complete an in-depth evaluation of the shoulder that will give you an accurate diagnosis. From here we will design a bespoke rehabilitation programme to restore full normal function to your shoulder.

Below is a video of a great shoulder stabilisation exercise that everyone can do to help build Resilience into their shoulder.

elbow pain

Conditions that we see that affect the elbow include

  • tennis elbow

  • golfers elbow

  • UCL injuries

When assessing these injuries we always make sure to assess the whole chain. Quite often we see neck and shoulder function effecting the elbow joint.

Your therapist will then design a bespoke treatment programme to get you pain free as quick as possible.


Neck and jaw pain

There are a few causes of neck pain.

  • Postural related pain

  • Facet joint pain

  • Whiplash