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Resilience physio and sports injury Clinic

Physio, Sports Rehab and Movement

Welcome to Resilience.

Hello. Welcome to Resilience Physio and Sports Injury Clinic. We are based in the Centre of Urmston and are specialists in Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Performance Therapy.

Resilience Noun:

1) ‘The ability to quickly recover from difficulties (pain or injury)’

2) ‘To be able to withstand difficult situations (eg. training, everyday life activities)’




First Floor, 2 Railway Road, Urmston M41 OXL


Where to Start

who are we and what do we do?

We are a team of dedicated Professionals who have a Passion for Physio, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Performance Therapy.

We help people with both sporting and non-sporting injuries, as well as help people optimise their movement and performance.

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how it works

  1. Book an appointment by contacting us by phone, email or enquiry form.

  2. You Initial Consultation. We listen to your needs and goals, get to know you and your lifestyle and assess your injury/condition. We design an Action Plan that you can start immediately

  3. After your Initial Consultation you will get a bullet point report setting out the main points we discussed and any exercises you have been given.

  4. We continue to help you with a combination of hands on techniques and corrective exercises.

  5. You have taken your first step in making your body Resilient to everyday life or training.

Social media

We regular post useful advice, tips and exercise of the week examples to help keep educating our clients and helping them build Resilience and Optimise their movement.

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We enjoy helping people feel better, move better and perform better. We feel lucky to be able to do this as our job, and we promise to always provide you with a professional, honest and hard working service.
— Dominic Thompson. Clinic Director


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